ask creepy stalker sniper

'ello mate!

Just a Sniper working for RED.

Feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer when I'm not stalkin' this bloody beaut of a Spy on the other team.

Maybe even with a drawing, I've been told I'm quite the craftsman!


((hello! it's raaawrbin here, and this is an ask blog for my Creepy Stalker Sniper.

He's in no way the canon Sniper and has got a huge stalkerish crush on Blu Spy, so expect shipping! ;D

I'll try my best to answer all questions as best as I can! :) ))
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'ello mate! Oi've never been better! I reckon my darling's doing just fine as well—-

(you guys should probably watch THIS or else this would be…pretty odd out of context COUGH)

My drinking mates are pretty interesting!

Oi might go into the print-making business someday!

(if you get the reference we should be friends)

Everything mostly.

(sorry for the lack of replies guys I was pretty busy and computerless for a while!)

Oi like ta sew an’ make things. Learned ta knit from me mum too.

(and then he roleplays his otp)

be vewy vewy qwuiet